Cancellation Policy

Under this policy:

Cancellations will be considered only if requests are made within 12 hours of placing of an order. However, cancellation requests will not be entertained if the orders have been communicated to the vendors/merchants and they have initiated the process of executing them.

There are no cancellations of orders placed under the ÔÇÿSame Day DeliveryÔÇÖ/ÔÇÖInstant Electronic DeliveryÔÇÖ/ÔÇÖInstant DownloadsÔÇÖ categories.

Refund Policy

Under this policy:

There is no refund policy in place. If you, for any reason, have not received your access to the documents/late delivery after the due date, then you can initiate communication with us for a refund.

All sales are final. There are no refunds.

Purchaser is solely responsible for:

The choices made regarding the property management plan purchased.

Reading of all the information about file formats, image file formats, resolutions, and downloading.

Carefully evaluating the single and bundled packages to ensure they meet the exact specifications one is looking for.

Not allowing children or other unauthorized family members or friends to access oneÔÇÖs credit cards or account at the payment site, to ensure that no one pays for a purchase without your explicit permission.

Refunds are not being provided for services delivered in full.

Refund requests are accepted for the following reasons only:

No service delivered.

No service delivered in due date (Customer can claim refund only if he/she notifies through email before delivery of solution that it does not have means anymore).

Your purchase of service does not meet your requirements. (For missing partial requirements, you can ask for a revision. The support team will provide you with a quick resolution for revised work. However, refunds wonÔÇÖt be considered.)

Refunds cannot be processed without proper proofs and reason. Customers who have issues with purchase must write an email with proper proof of bad service or worst service issues.

Partial refund request is processed if certain requirements are missing. (It will be fixed by the management team through a review of your original problem.)

Request for refund canÔÇÖt be accepted for the following reasons:

Refunds canÔÇÖt be considered if you change your original requirements mentioned at the time of purchase.

An email that formally asks for a refund will not be considered. You should have proper proof that the purchase does not meet your requirements. You will be asked for documents of proof.

Refund requests canÔÇÖt be proceed without proper communication about the refund issue. (No refund will be allowed if you do not state the reason behind it.)

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