Creating Differentiation in Real Estate Broking

Published on: 13 August 2014

The world is full of real estate agents and brokers. Heck, there are over 70,000 in Mumbai alone. When all of them are selling you the same set of properties, how do you differentiate between which agent to rely upon for what is usually the purchase of a lifetime? I find there to be five key factors:

  1. Trust: Do you trust your agent to show you properties only of high quality developers? In India, the developer’s ability to execute the project is always a question. Our endeavor is to only list properties that we would buy ourselves. We never list properties that don’t have clear title, whose developers don’t have a proven track record, or whose permissions are not in place.
  2. Appropriateness: When you start looking for a property, most agents only ask you for the location and the budget. We go into a lot more detail. We find out whether you are looking at the purchase for investment or consumption. Depending on your intended use, your requirements may very substantially. We take the effort to go into the detailed profile of the customer and only show properties that are appropriate for his or her specific needs.
  3. Documentation Assistance: Most agents are happy collecting their commission as soon as you pay the signing amount. Understandably so, because their job ends there. We help our customers complete all documentation related to the purchase at no additional cost. Given that many of our customers are Non Resident Indians, this can be quite tedious. We still do it because we believe our duty to help our customer isn’t over until the entire buying process is complete.
  4. Home Loan Assistance: A large majority of agents lack the inclination, knowledge and resources to assist the customer with obtaining a loan for the purchase. We have expertise not only in recommending which loan provider to approach for maximum chance of success, but also in the assisting our customers with the documentation process.
  5. Tenant Search: Many customers buy homes and rent them out immediately. Looking for a tenant can be a painful task, often requiring a lot of time and effort. We help our customers find tenants, often managing to have the lease start as soon as the keys are handed over by the developer. This ensures maximum ROI on the property for the customer.

Delivering the differentiation is sure to result in customer delight, and initiate a long and happy relationship between the customer and agent. At, we believe that we stand out from the crowd by ensuring a memorable buying experience.

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