General Tips For Buying A Home In India

Published on: 06 November 2014

Whenever you think of buying a property, the first thing that comes to your mind is the deal reliability largely because you are going to invest all your hard earned money into the property. Thus, before buying a property, you would have to consider many things related to it, which could have a material bearing on your purchase decision.

A buyer’s main concern is to ensure that he/she only gets the best property deal, or else it turns into bad investment, which may prove costly.

Following are some general buying tips that you can follow to ensure that you get the best property deal:

Planning and research

Before buying a property, the most considerable factor is the purpose of buying it, whether for residential, commercial, long-term investment, or short-term investment. Thus, the first thing to take in consideration is to do your research. Without complete research, you cannot understand the present real estate scenario in your area and you will not get the best deal. So do your research thoroughly. Remember that help and timely guidance from professional experts can serve your purpose even better while easing the whole process for you.

Expenditure including hidden charges

After your research, sort out the property list as per your budget. Check out how much you could get through a home loan to give you a clear picture on the finance options available to you. Include all other expenditure such as real estate agent’s (broker) commission, legal fees, registration, and notary charges in your budget to avoid pop up of unpleasant hidden charges of material nature at a later stage. Know about the resale value of your chosen property.

Check legal documents thoroughly

Check whether the seller has all the legal documents related to property in place. If you cannot check it yourself, do it through a professional expert or a lawyer. This will cushion you against any trouble that could emerge later. Importantly, check whether the title of the property is clear, since with an unclear property title you cannot get home loan from any financial institution. Ask the seller to furnish all the required documents, which show that the property is free from any liability, all tax receipts and bills, and encumbrance certificate. Ensure that all layout plans of the building are approved and registered by government. Ensure that any outstanding liabilities (if any like mortgage exists) are cleared by seller, and that all the facilities such as electricity, water along with parking, location, and connection with major roads are perfect.


Do not show builder/owner your eagerness to buy his/her property, since that could hinder the price negotiation process. Ensure that you negotiate to the best possible extent and remember every rupee you pay is part of your hard earned money.

House inspection report

After checking all the criteria, do not make a payment in haste before getting a comprehensive report from a certified property inspector. In fact, besides the inspectorÔÇÖs report, try to ascertain yourself whether there are any other problems with the property. Please exercise caution at every stage of your purchase.

Finally, you can definitely think of using services of a professional expert to do all the above on your behalf. However, you are advised to still do your own research in many tricky aspects despite appointing an expert.

The tips provided above would definitely help you look forward to buy a property with confidence while taking a correct and perfect decision.

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